29 November 2008

Well that's one holiday down...

Thanksgiving came and went, without a lot of fanfare on my part. I had dinner at my parents house with my daughter. The food was good but I didn't gorge myself. Sarah behaved for the most part so life is good. The leftovers for the most part are still in the fridge, I will more than likely throw them out this weekend. I have to brave the grocery store today, a feat which I am so not looking forward to. The weather has changed here, there was snow on the ground last night. That does not make me happy. Monday will be interesing if it does not clear out.

There are just a few weeks left until Christmas, and then the next week is a new year. Wonder what 2009 will bring...

26 November 2008

And I am doing this why?

Because I am the mother of a beautiful 3 year old little girl. I am very much in love with a wonderful man. I have the perfect family dog. I have a great house that is perfect for all of us. I have a fantastic job that I totally love. I am actually going to get a college degree before my daughter does.

The above reasons are great ones to make the lifestyle changes and loose the weight. The other reasons that I want to loose weight are to show my parents that even thin, I still will have the same defects with my body as I did when I was heavy. I want to look my age, not 10 years or more older. To tell myself that I am the master of winning the head game. Weight loss is so easy if you just modify what you eat and shake your groove thing a bit. Hell, if that was all that needed to be done, I would make Paris Hilton look like a cow. But it's beating the deamons down. It's the facing the troubles instead of feeding yourself. I have to say, I have a pretty good life. I have had my hardships and my challenges but all in all I have been pretty lucky. However for what I have had to go through I turned to the stuff that was causing a lot of my problems. Food, the best friend who never talks back, who is always there for you, no matter when, where or what time especially thanks to the fast food joints that are open 24/7.

A very wise person posted to the 200 WW board: loosing weight is hard, being fat is hard. Choose your hard. I have chosen the easiest hard first. Now I am going to conquer the difficult hard.