04 February 2009

Smorgasborg posting day!

Well as you may know, I have WI today and I am down another 1.5 pounds! Joseph has to see the numbers on it to make it count, and normally he is really supportive, no matter what the scale says. Today he wasn't. Don't get me wrong he wasn't mean but he just said okay I saw it and walked away. I know my weight loss is not easy on everyone all the time but he could have at least said good job or something. Well now that that's out, I am done whining. Onward and downward!

One of my friends Heather coerced me into getting a Facebook account. She coerced me into a MySpace account that I let close. Facebook on the other hand, I have already reconnected with two friends from high school. I even posted pictures on it! And you all know how I feel about pictures. So thanks Heather for getting me out of my comfort zone. I do need to get out of my shell more, especially since it's getting smaller!

Last night I decided to be a good little taxpayer and get my 2008 taxes done. Aren't you all proud of me? I love just hopping on line and taking care of business. Now if my refund will come quickly I will be a much happy camper.

Well people, it's been fun chatting but the life of a parent never ends. Time to get ready for dancing school and errands. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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