28 January 2009

A Challenge you say...

Ah, it's Wednesday again. Rolled out of bed to meet my frienemy the scale. Time to call out the boyfriend to have him look at the number. I have been sick the last few days so I didn't know what to expect. Down 1.5 pounds. Very respectable. Happy Camper!

This was the first weigh in for the challenge I am currently in with another boardie from the 200+ board, Mrs. Annette K. She is coming out to Denver in May and we both kind of needed some motivation so I challenged her to a biggest looser type of deal. Who ever looses the largest percentage of weight between last week and the first WI in May, before Annette makes it to Denver wins. The prize? A $50 gift certificate to the store of the winners choice. Hot digity dog! I wish I could have upped my activity this week, but I am fighting another respiratory infection. I am feeling human today so I think I will try to get some light cardio in. Having a goal other than my end result weight loss makes me happy. It gets my blood flowing, kind of kicks me back into the honeymoon phase of Weight Watchers. We all love a good honeymoon phase now don't we? So thanks Annette for agreeing to the challenge with me!

It is so on girl!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! Great loss! Sorry you haven't been feeling well! I saw you on WW and I have a blogspot too so thought I would check yours out! :)