01 January 2009

Happy New Year Folks!

Well it's the start of a new year, 2009 the year of the ox. Not that I have a clue of what that means but we will go with it anyway. Millions of people are waking up to new found resolve. They are going to make resolutions to change their lives in some way, shape or form. Not me though. I can't make resolutions because they last about a week or so and then I start to rebel.

I (re) started my journey of weight loss the week of Thanksgiving. Do I have great timing or what? However, with a month of holidays, I managed to loose 13 pounds! Not one gain in those weeks, although I did stay the same last week, and let me tell you how thankful I was for that!

There are a few things I am going to do differently this year than last. I am going to keep this blog up. Now, I have no idea if anyone is going to read it or not. I hope they do but you never know. It's helpful to me, to type out my thoughts and get it off my chest. In turn, out of my mouth and off of my thighs, hips, rear etc... I am also going to take a picture of myself on the first day of each month to see how my progress is going. As you can see, here is the picture from 1 January 2009.

If you do read this, I welcome your suggestions, comments and even critiques. Let me know how your journey is making you feel. How things have changed for you and the like.


Nann said...

Kim, I started WW right before Thanksgiving last year...so I know what you are feeling. That was 55 pounds ago. You are doing great, have a wonderful year to come.


Dani said...

Kimberly...found you through the WW message boards! Wanted to wish you well on your journey. You have so many great reasons to do this as well! Love that you have a blog because I love to check in on them! I think the fact that you started before Thanksgiving is proof of your dedication!! WTG!

thinkin said...

Kimberly- love your site:) Just stick around the WW boards and you'll be FINE in 2009. If I can do it -YOU can too. We can't do this by ourselves- done that DIDN'T WORK! Strength in numbers girlie:) We'll keep you on the WW Wagon- if you start slippin' grab a hand and we'll pull you back up-won't let you get run over~ PROMISE! I look forward to keeping up with the site:)

wanderer said...

Kim, You are off to a great start. It took me 1 1/2 years to lose 140 pounds with WW. Keep taking monthly photos and monthly measurements. I can't believe my measurement comparison from when I began.

If you want to see my webpage is:


Melissa said...

Kimberly, I'm so glad you came back to the WW boards. You know what to do now you just have to do it. You are afterall the Goddess of Duct Tape. =-)