14 January 2009

Okay so much for updating every day...

Wednesdays are good days. I don't have to drive across town for work since I work 4 10 hour days, I get to take my daughter to dancing school and sometimes we even get to watch. You have not seen cute until you see 3 and 4 year old girls try to balet and tap dance. It's WI day too and for the past 6 weeks before today, the scale has been pretty friendly. I have to admit I was kind of nervous when I stepped on. Down another 3 pounds, which makes 19.1 in 7 weeks. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Since I am doing this online instead of going to meetings, my poor boyfriend has to watch me stand on the scale and he tells me the weight. Doesn't count unless he sees it. Yeah, you figure out how much you love someone when you let them see you stand au natural on a scale when you are morbidly obese and how much someone else loves you when they are the ones who get up at the crack of dawn to actually read that number to you and holds you accountable for whatever those numbers are.

School starts again in a week. New major, new set of instructors, praying the new and improved attitude will kick in before then. I need to not procrastinate so much when it comes to studying and getting my homework completed. I admit, I do my best work under pressure. However, I do pretty damn good when I acutally time manage and get things done early. Also, I don't want to use school as an excuse to not focus on my new and improved lifestyle. I joined the gym at work and now take lunch in the late morning, work out for 45 minutes, quick shower and go back to work. My boss thougth I looked great with wet hair. Sarcasm, thy name is Cristy. The doctor I work for asked me if it was raining outside. (Yeah that happens in Colorado in January a whole lot) However, I now have a travel hair dryer to avoid this little problem again.

Next up on the agenda is actually going to school to pick up textbooks. I go to school online so I never really go to campus. I guess I could order them and get them shipped to me, but then Sarah loves to go up and down the twisty stairs at school and who am I to refuse an AP or two?

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Sara said...

OMG, Kimberly--I didn't realize you were the former duct tape lovin' deity, where have I been that I didn't know that??

I admire your resolve in hitting the gym over your lunch hour. I'd be such a mess (even with a shower) that I'd never be able to go back to work. That's dedication, girl--I'm impressed!

I'm glad I stopped by to read, adn I wish you great success this semester in school--I'll be back to cheer you on!

Sara (thegr8sara on the boards)