18 February 2009

Good news and bad news today

Well the problems with the economy have finally hit close to home. Effective 1 March Joseph will take a 10% paycut. We are just going to have to tighten our belts up and really stick to a budget. We are lucky, we both have jobs. I am not getting a raise this year but that is a hell of a lot better than a pay cut. The whole thing has gone to hell in a handcart and our government is trying it's absolute best to put it at top speed. But that is enough about politics.

Well today is my WI day. I hit my first 10% ever. I nailed it right on the head. I was so excited I cried, and my daughter, bless her little heart thought I was hurt and was making sure I was okay. It's weird though, instead of focusing on how great that first 10% is, I am more daunted about the 2nd 10% that I am aiming for now. I even have to loose less weight to hit that 10% but it will put me in a zone that I have not been for awhile. I was thinking about this as I was updating my Weight Watchers profile. For some reason it seems like so much more weight than the first 10%. Maybe because I will be way closer to 200 pounds than 300 pounds, like when I started. I would like to reach my 2nd 10% before 17 May 2009 when I am doing a half marathon with Joseph. I guess I better buckle down and get working.

The whole problem with this weight loss thing is the mind games it causes. Those are the worst. Maybe I will be the same person once I get down to my goal weight, but I am really doubting it. Hopefully I will be a better person when I get to goal, not because I am thinner, but because I am wiser. I will have to have beaten all of the mind games that are related to emotional eating. I will have to have figured out where to put the extra energy that I spent eating and worrying. Or even better, hopefully I will not have as much to worry about. For some reason though, I really don't see that happening either...


RedPowerLady said...

Yay for your 10%! The mind games really are the toughest. I have yet to battle my own. Haha. So sorry to hear about the pay cut. We are dealing with issues like that at home too. Actually I'm searching for a job, I have a college degree and am still having difficulties.

Carlos said...

hey way to go... the mental part is the hardest part of WL for me too. sorry to hear about the pay cut... hang in there