31 January 2009

So long January, you were gone in a flash

Really, it's the 31st of January already? That was fast. Tried some new things this month, like exercising at lunch, which lasted two weeks and then all hell broke loose and I couldn't do it. I hope to start it up next week because even after just two weeks of doing it, my body misses it, a lot. I know, who would of thought? I wish the weather would get better soon, I would love to start moving outside instead of being stuck on a treadmill. Besides, got to get Joseph going too as we are both doing the half marathon in May. He still thinks I am kidding even though he is registered...

I managed to get another respiratory infection this month. This time I was smarter about it. I got on the right medicine right away and I actually took time off of work to rest and not push myself. Fancy that, I am almost over it 8 weeks shorter than last time. I know that my lung disease is not attributed to my weight but I think that loosing weight contributed to the fact that I am finally learning how to take care of myself.

Here's the thing, when I woke up this morning I didn't want to be OP today. I have been going for 9 weeks straight with no deviation, no WPA's or AP's eaten. Exercising at least 5 days a week. I was tired of it. So I had two meals that trutfully, didn't even put me over my points for the day, however I could have made better choices and amazingly enough that desire to just be fat because it's easier is now gone. I am going to sign off and then go do my aerobics video to kind of counteract what I did today. I will at least feel better mentally if not physically.

I am leaving this month 10.1 pounds lighter, a month older and a bit wiser. Not a bad deal for 31 days.

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Lynn said...

Awesome January! Great work, Kimberly!